This is the photography project of Los Angeles based artist Moses (Alaire Fresco)

Moses is a lively individual who is open and honest with his feelings. He speaks his mind without reservation. Although he seems to be uncaring and frivolous at first glance, in reality he is sensitive and serious. Contrary to his cool exterior, he occasionally can be shy at times but is very confident in his work. Driven by his ambitions, he can be hard on himself, endlessly trying to perfect his craft. Overall he's an honest, dedicated young man.

He first picked up a film camera at age 8 and has been shooting for as long as he can recall learning through old Minolta film cameras. Has always enjoyed the aesthetic quality of film in photography and ever since, Moses has tried to emulate film into all of his images. After a decade of  schooling and attending the prestigious Art Center College Of Design, he transitioned into digital and created his own photography website.

Photography shooting style is artistic/lifestyle/documentary

Moses shoots with a rangefinder camera…






e: info@alairefresco.com

t: 562-237-2831






Paola A. Montenegro (Central/South America)  

e: alejandra-nick@hotmail.com