Origin: When I was a toddler (about 2 yrs. old) my mother held several jobs to make ends meet while my father worked out of state. Due to the circumstances, my mother wasn't able to take care of me so she was forced to hire a babysitter. Long story short, my mother quit her job after a few months to be with me full time, It was also around the time I started getting sick and had to be taken to the hospital on several trips. What was found initially were very high doses of sleep medicine. My mother's theory is that the babysitter ran her patience while taking care of me and would put me to sleep rather than deal with an active two year old.

The side effects of that magnitude took a serious toll on my left eye, damaging the eye muscle among other serious consequences. Since then i've had two painful surgeries, last one a decade ago. Earlier this year, unfortunately I received news that I will require a third surgery. To explain in layman's terms, the iris lens is held by a tissue hammock, that hammock has dissolved and is now floating inside my eye causing discomfort and pain. The surgery is slightly expensive. This campaign is to raise funds for my surgery. I can do any photo session at $20/hr (excludes weddings) Family/Model/Baby/Maternity/Pets/Cars/Etc. Every penny will go towards savings for this surgery. It's a win-win situation.  

Update: I've raised $700 so far, thank you all for the support!! goal is $2500 (actual cost of surgery) It was originally $4000 but I negotiated with my eye doctor and brought it down to $2500 ;)